What would you do?

As a customer service representative, if you were in the scenario below, what would you do?

Angry customers

How would you react?

What customer service skills would you require to help in this situation? What went wrong? How did your customers get that angry that they would be yelling at you?

Improving on your customer service skills will assist you in diffusing the situation and calming everyone down in order to be able to understand and assist them.

Top 10 Customer Service Courses
Here's My List of Recommended Courses For Improving Your Customer Service Skills.

To master customer service, you have to improve on your current customer service skill set. I have searched the web to locate the best customer service courses that will improve the areas that you feel you might be lacking.


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Rhonda is the founder of Customer Service Essentials. Having been in various Customer Service roles in various industries, it was apparent to her that the industry was severely lacking in Professional training. As such, she has dedicated her time in creating and locating training courses to assist all to improve customer service skills.

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