3 Mistakes Customer Service Reps make

What is customer service really all about? Customer service is all about interactions with others. It relates as stated how to serve a customer. Customers come in all forms. They can be within our own company or from people that use your product or service. Why is knowing the biggest mistakes related to you? With more knowledge and training, all the below mistakes can be prevented. Preventing these mistakes will allow you to provide better customer service and in the end, with achieve satisfied customers.

Customer service satisfaction

1. Take thing personal in customer service

Know that when a customer gets angry or upset, it is not directed at you. They may yell, or scream or swear, but these things should not be taken to heart. The customer is usually annoyed at the situation. It then depends on your customer services skills to effectively calm them down and diffuse the situation. This can be done by having the best possible customer service skills. The great thing to know is that, if there is an area that you feel is lacking to obtain the best possible skills, these skills can be learned and then used in everyday situations.

2. Poor Communication skills

One reason why customers get frustrated is because the customer service representative is unable to effectively communicate to assist and solve their issues. If a customer says “I bought XX product yesterday and it doesn’t work when plugged in. There is just a blinking red light.” It is not going to assist them if they were greeted with a response such as “Okay, a blinking red light. I don’t know what that means but since there is a blinking red light, it works then.” There is no explanation as to how it is deemed as working as the product is not doing what the customer thought it would based on what was sold to them. Sometimes to effectively communicate with the customer, you also need to have adequate knowledge of the product.

3. Get Defensive

When a customer screams at you, the best thing to do is stay calm and collected. That will allow you the best possible way to communicate clearly as well as understand why the customer is angry. Getting defensive will only be reactive to what the customer is saying and therefore instead of helping to calm the situation, the situation becomes worse as the customer feels that firstly, they are wronged (in their opinion) and secondly, they are unable to talk to someone who can assist with their issues.

customer service - frustrated customer

So remember, these are common mistakes that people do make and if you can avoid them, you will already be a better customer service representative.

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