Customer Satisfaction in 5 Easy Steps

Customer satisfaction is paramount to get customers to return. It is also important for them to recommend your product or service to others. A great customer experience will bring about high customer satisfaction. Below outlines 5 extremely simply steps to ensure that every customers turns out to be a satisfied customer.

1. Knowledge

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Having a deep and comprehensive knowledge of what service/product you are providing will make for easier responses when necessary. When asked, “What will this do?”. Responding immediately will make you a better customer service representative. Simply responding I don’t know will easily frustrate an already annoyed customer. Having to ask someone more knowledgeable is not wrong and should always be done when in doubt. However, with more knowledge, you will have more confidence to be able to provide the best accurate answer. This in turns cuts down the customer’s waiting time and increases customer satisfaction.

2. Listen, understand, Communicate

review and communicate in customer satisfaction

In order to be able to provide customer satisfaction, you first need to know what the customer would like. For this always listen and understand what the customer is trying to say. Ensure you know what they are asking of you and the product/service. This then allows you to be able to respond to their questions. For instance, I was trying to redeem some points from my travels. However, I noticed that one of the vouchers I wanted had 2 very different redeemable values for the same voucher amount of $50. One was going for 400 points and another was going for 3900 points. I suspected that the higher priced item was for a voucher worth $500 and they missed out on the last “0”. I tried explaining that to the customer service representative. However, they kept assuming I would like to redeem the item. After explaining it for the third time, my frustration was mounting. I explained I was not going to spend 3900 points getting a voucher for $50 when I could do that for 400 points. There was a limitation of 2 vouchers per person and therefore I couldn’t simply get 10 vouchers at 400 points either. I would also be losing out on 100 points by doing that. After the 4th time and walking them through their website did they finally understand.

3. Time Frame

time frame in customer satisfaction

Keep your answers short and to the point. If time is required to solve an issue for a customer, ensure you stick with those time frames. If you said you will get back within 24 hours, make sure a response is ready in 24 hours. If you need more time due to unforeseen delays, ensure this is communicated to the customer as well as any delay will frustrate the customer.

4. Action

action on customer satisfaction

Once a solution is required, ensure that swift action is provided. Sometimes, actions are required to ensure the final outcome for the customer can be achieved. For example, in a car dealership, when a customer would like to buy a car, the end outcome is that the customer would like to drive the car out of the showroom by XX date. Before that can happen, you will be required to fill the necessary documents such as registration and insurance. If XX date that is promised comes around and the necessary paperwork has not been completed, you have not actioned on the necessary items to provide the product to the customer. This will cause the customer inconvenience and result in poor customer service.

5. Review of customer satisfaction

customer satisfaction

Always ask for a review on the service that was provided to measure customer satisfaction. Reflect on it internally within your company as well as externally with your end user. For example, for a restaurant diner, ask for feedback after the meal. See if there are ways things can be improved to have enhanced their experience. This allows for improvement for the business and subsequently better customer service.
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